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JUNE 19, 2020

Welcome to Mode

The new standard for personalized cannabis.

Mode is the first universal dosing device & companion app that gives consumers personalized control over their cannabis experience.

With over 100 cannabinoids and terpenes to explore, mankind is in the early stages of understanding the science behind cannabis. Every day we grow closer to decoding how specific cannabinoids can provide targeted medicinal, therapeutic, and wellness results on a day-to-day basis.

Achieving this goal is complicated, as there is a critical dataset missing in cannabis related to context, intention, cannabinoids, and dosage. Once identified, this dataset will open cannabis up to the mainstream consumer in a smart, responsible way, allowing for the benefits of cannabis to be realized to their fullest potential.

Mode is focusing on vapor as a start, which has become a widespread form of consumption due to its simplicity and discretion, yet is missing the key element of milligram dosing. It also does not require burning of plant material that leads to the creation of carcinogens. Another important benefit of vapor is that it has a higher bioavailability than nearly every other form-factor, a fact that is often unknown to consumers.

“Cannabis is a dosage-sensitive substance and not a one-size-fits-all solution.“

- Izzy Kirsh, Mode Co-CEO

The Universal 510

Mode is the first and only precision dosing device for universal 510 threaded cartridges. Mode made the decision to design the device to be compatible with the universal 510 threaded cartridge because they make up 75% of the cannabis vapor market with unit sales of 100m+ annually.

Currently, most consumers are using basic batteries for 510 threaded cartridges. Some of these offer slightly more advanced features, such as power levels, but nothing with precise milligram dosed 'vapor pills', a proprietary quick-snap connector (which adds the functionality of a pod) or Bluetooth connectivity. Also, none offer an app for android and iOS browsers that allows consumers to fully personalize their consumption.

Your Cannabis OS

Mode’s companion app allows consumers to setup a unique profile through a series of onboarding questions that then adjusts dosage and recommendations based on their unique characteristics. From there, consumers can gain insight into their consumption habits, set dose plans and limits for the day, explore additional cartridges and strains similar to ones they already enjoy, educate themselves on cannabinoids, and fully personalize their experience with cannabis.

Let's do this

With an experienced team of entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, and data scientists, Mode is poised to tackle the complexities of cannabis consumption and transform it into a viable health and wellness substance. Mode offers a missing device and dataset for the cannabis space, and with proper analysis and implementation, can open pathways of understanding never seen before with this powerful plant. With specialized expertise around IoT, vaporization, wearables, and 2+ years of R&D, the Mode team is excited to bring this much-needed product to market and elevate the industry at large.




Written by - The Mode Team

The Mode team is passionate about cannabis and its ability to make the world a happier, healthier and more productive place. The scientific revolution is just starting with cannabinoid research and its use as personalized, precision medicine. We are excited to be part of the solution and usher in a new decade of smart cannabis consumption.

Join us on the journey!

Exhale with confidence.

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1 year Limited Hardware Warranty

Device Specs

Power/Battery 385 mAh 3.8V 8C LiPo
Charging USB Type C
Display OLED
Also Features:
  • Two Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Motion/Orientation Detection
  • Proprietary Quick-Snap 510 Connector
  • High Resolution Pressure Sensors
  • Capacative Touch & Gesture Controls
  • Multi-Function Button

Dimensions * Patent Pending

With Cap:

H: 1.77" (45mm)

W: .59" (15mm)

D: 3.74" (95mm)

Without Cap:

H: 1.77" (45mm)

W: .59" (15mm)

D: 3.74" (95mm)

Weight: 39 grams without Cartridge

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