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Bennabis Health

Bennabis Health is the first healthcare company in the US offering a membership program for medical cannabis patients to save 15% at participating network dispensaries!

If you could benefit from medical cannabis and don't have a card yet, it's time to learn if medical cannabis is right for you. See if you have a condition that qualified you for a cannabis card in your state here.

If you already have a medical cannabis card in New Jersey, New Mexico, or Washington DC, start saving now!

Our goal is to get you covered across the country wherever medical cannabis is legal. Bennabis Health is working to improve affordability of medical cannabis. We are doing this by expanding our network of dispensaries where Premium members can enjoy a 15% discount on medical cannabis purchases. Ask your medical dispensary about Bennabis Health, that they should consider joining the network.

Bennabis Health is transforming the way medical cannabis patients understand, access and pay for their medical cannabis.


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Free Shipping In The U.S.A
1 year Limited Hardware Warranty

Device Specs

Power/Battery 385 mAh 3.8V 8C LiPo
Charging USB Type C
Display OLED
Also Features:
  • Two Year Limited Hardware Warranty
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Motion/Orientation Detection
  • Proprietary Quick-Snap 510 Connector
  • High Resolution Pressure Sensors
  • Capacative Touch & Gesture Controls
  • Multi-Function Button

Dimensions * Patent Pending

With Cap:

H: 1.77" (45mm)

W: .59" (15mm)

D: 3.74" (95mm)

Without Cap:

H: 1.77" (45mm)

W: .59" (15mm)

D: 3.74" (95mm)

Weight: 39 grams without Cartridge

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